Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday's Tip- Gravestones

As genealogists we usually end up spending some time in cemeteries. Sometimes it is just to wander around looking at the various headstones, and many times it is with the purpose of finding an ancestor. Ever wonder what the symbols mean? Ever think about making a gravestone rubbing but not sure how to do it? Want to get a better photo of the gravestone?

Well I've got just the site for you to check out. The Association For Gravestone Studies has a website that answers many of these questions and more. They give tips on how to clean gravestones without damaging them. There are also explanations about the different stone types and the symbolism. The website also has a tab dedicated to preservation. I could tell you more but grab yourself a coffee and spend some time checking it out. It's a cool little site!

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