Monday, March 5, 2012

Music Monday- The Monkees and The Banana Splits

Many people have memories associated with music. A song you heard on your first date, music that your grandparents always played, a song that made you smile, or one that made you cry. Music Monday, is a time to share those memories.

Two of my favorite shows when I was a kid were The Monkees....

and The Banana Splits.

These two shows came on after school and on Saturday mornings. The Monkees often made an appearance on The Banana Splits. It was great! (My husband says this explains a lot.)

During second grade one of my best buddies was a boy named Scott. We would race into school the day after The Monkees appeared on The Banana Splits show and discuss in detail the episode. At one point during the school year I was out sick for a couple weeks, and Scott sent me a card with a drawing of The Monkees with all of their instruments. It was a prized possession for a very long time. I moved at the end of second grade and never saw Scott again. I don't even know what his last name was. In second grade you just aren't very concerned about those things.

I was sad to hear of Davy Jones passing. However, it made me think of my antics with Scott in second grade and smile. All these years later I wonder if he remembers them too.

RIP Davy Jones.


  1. We are of the same generation. I remember watching both these shows after school as a kid too. I liked the Monkees better ;-)

    1. Not many people know or remember The Banana Splits. I agree, the Monkees were pretty awesome.

  2. I remember the Banana Splits, but seem to remember them as too young for me at the time. But I loved the Monkees! Peter Tork was my favorite.

    My older brother, a budding guitarist at the time (now in his own band), liked Mike Nesmith best (for his music ability). I just remember thinking that was ridiculous because he just wasn't as cute as Peter and Davey!