Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Do You Have a Master Plan?

Last week at Samford somebody told me I was lucky to get into Course 4. I replied that it was all part of my master plan. This person looked at me surprised and said, "You have a master plan?"

Of course I do, don't you?

In January everybody was posting their New Year's resolutions. I generally don't do those. It's too much pressure to come up with something on the spot, and really by January 1st I'm worn out by all the festivities. I can't begin to think of what I need to work towards. Instead I make goals around the time of my birthday, for the year until my next birthday. After all one's birthday is a natural time to reflect on your life, and where you want it to go. So here goes:

  1. Create and put online a website for my business. This is the one goal that is a carry over from last year. I attempted to use Weebly to create a website, but got frustrated with the limited options. The delay has worked out, as I've discovered some items I would like to add to the site. So this goal is currently in the research and development stage.
  2. and 3. Research and Write. My plan is to start working on my case study and the kinship determination project for certification. I want to have these two elements well underway, or complete, by the time I start the clock. 
That's it. These three goals may not appear to be much, but I'm not very tech savvy and research/writing takes a lot of time. A lot of time. 

Oh yeah! I also have a plan for what course I want to take at Samford next June too. But I'll fill you in on that after registration in January 2013.


  1. Wise idea on deferring on considering the year's goals until the time of your birthday!

  2. Good strategy and reminder on applying more manageable bits of the bigger picture into your daily life.