Thursday, August 9, 2012

What's New?

I haven't blogged for a while... I know. We are winding down from a busy summer around here. Last week I was on vacation with my family. It was wonderful and the kids had a blast. This of course meant that I didn't do anything genealogy related, only checked emails once, and didn't give Facebook any attention at all.

When we arrived home, late last Friday night, I had a box of free NARA publications waiting for me, that I requested while in D.C. I'm excited to do more than just skim through them. I also discovered that the 1940 census has been completely indexed. Apparently the next project up for an indexing push is U.S. Immigration and Naturalization records. And I had a death certificate waiting for me (yay!).

This week has been consumed with getting my boys ready for school, doctor/dentist appointments, and the Olympics. What can I say? I love the Olympics, which has caught on with my boys. We've been watching it together. All of this translates to not much time being given to genealogy (sigh) or blogging (sigh again).

I'm excited to get back into my routine. I have a lot of ideas to follow up on, research plans to write, and my NARA research findings to transcribe/extract data from. However, I've decided my top goal for the month of August is to get my office under control and organized. This sounds like a simple project.... it's not. It was quasi organized before summer break started and now it has mutated into complete chaos. Not exactly an exciting genealogical project, but one that is necessary.

So what goals do you have for the month of August?


  1. I need to follow your example on organizing the office idea, but alas, I know it won't get done at least not this month. I'm off on the 18th for a week of research in Alabama, before attending the FGS conference in Birmingham! Excited about that. But before I go I will take the time to add books I've purchased to my Library Things account. I'm so tempted to buy books at conferences and need to stop buying ones I've already purchased! Best of luck with your office!

    1. Thanks Linda! I'll be at FGS for one day on Thursday. Maybe I'll see you there. Good luck with your research!