Saturday, October 27, 2012

Forensic Genealogy Institute - Day 3

Today was the final day of this institute and it started at 8:00 a.m. with the Practicum session. The overall work was reviewed and questions regarding the case were answered. People looked a little more tired today but spirits were high with the sense of completion in the air.

Michael Ramage opened up the first session today with Witness Roles. He discussed the difference between a Lay Witness and an Expert Witness. Michael also explained how a person qualified to become an expert witness for a case. He covered what should be included in an expert's written report and some other finer points involved with being an expert witness. Then he demonstrated with Dee Dee King a hostile Mock Cross Examination. This examination was based on an experience that Dee had with case, and it was meant to illustrate how things could go wrong and how to maintain one's professional integrity. It was eye opening. Once again, the point was driven home that the more you know about your state laws the better off you are.

After a short break there was a panel discussion on Marketing: Identifying Clients and Markets. During this session we had the opportunity to ask questions and find out information on many areas of marketing a forensic genealogy business. Some of the items discussed were creating a website, business cards, publishing, and who to target/cultivate as potential clients.

The last item of business was filling out evaluation sheets and receiving our certificates of completion. Last minute business cards were exchanged, good byes were said, and some were making future plans. Most of us are leaving for home today and so we all scattered in different directions. I have learned so much during these past couple of days and I now have a mental list of things to work on this week. If you are interested in forensic genealogy, I highly recommend this institute.

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