Monday, December 31, 2012

Update on My Goals

Back in June I posted that I don't do New Year's resolutions or goals, it's just too much pressure on top of holiday pressure. Instead, I come up with goals every year on my birthday in June. You can see that post here.

Although I don't do resolutions, I did think this might be a good time to check in on my progress. I only had 3 goals, two of which go hand in hand. My first goal was to get a business website up and running. This was a carry over from last year and it keeps getting delayed. The delay is actually a good thing, so I'm not stressing about it. I keep learning about what content to include on my website and revising it. My vision of what my website would look like has completely evolved from a year ago.

My second and third goals were to research and write. Specifically, the research and writing is portfolio focused on my case study and KDP. This is slow going, but I have excellent candidates for both. At this point it is a matter of what has a break through in research and how much ground I can cover for both. This may carry over into next year's goals, and I'm okay with that. They are both large projects.

Of course there are other things I want to get done during the year, but these are my focused goals. I like to keep the goal number attainable. If I list too many things, it's overwhelming and then it seems nothing gets done.

So are you making goals? How many and what are they?

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  1. Happy 2013! My only goals for the new year are:
    1. Reduce the amount of STUFF I've carted from place to place over the last two decades, most of which is family history related (mine AND friends who are no relation to me).

    2. FINALLY get the aforesaid genealogy files in order by eliminating duplicates as well as copious research notes about ancestors of former friends I no longer see or talk to (and don't care to ever again).

    3. Clean up my online bookmarks, which contain many genealogical URLs I DO want to keep but can rarely find when I need them. (Plus doing so will make my computer run faster.)

    4. Organize and clean up my offline docs directories. (See #3)

    I started doing all of the above a couple of months ago. Carted trunkloads of STUFF to Goodwill, and so far, around 100 lbs of paper and old magazines have gone to the trash bin. My own "weight loss program". Very empowering!