Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Goals for 2013-2014

It's that time for me to set my goals for 2013-2014. Instead of setting goals at the New Year, I set them when I have my birthday in June. For me this is a more natural way of measuring my progression than by the calendar year. You can read last year's post here.

A quick review of last years goals and how I did. The first goal on my list was create a website for my business. Well, I didn't do it and it remains on my list for this year. My problem with this goal is procrastination. I keep thinking I need to get this or that thing together or lined up and so it doesn't happen. However, two weeks ago I had a revelation that I can always change the site and it is not "written in stone" as they say.

My other two goals were a combination of research and write. I did fairly well with these two goals. I've done lots of research towards a case study and a kinship determination project. There is a particular genealogical problem I have come across, that if I can solve it (in a timely manner) would make a great case study. I have other candidates for a case study, but this other one is more interesting/challenging and I love a good challenge.

I have done lots of writing too! The down side is that it has been for other people. I want to focus a little more on writing for myself. In fact, this year I want to complete at least a rough draft (at minimum) of my case study and kinship determination project for certification. I'll also put in my goals to complete the transcription element for my portfolio too.

So here are my goals for the next year:

  1. Create website for my business (DO IT!!!)
  2. Research- pay particular attention to solving above challenge mentioned
  3. Writing- make a focused effort on writing for myself, whether it is articles or portfolio work, etc.
  4. Write a rough draft of case study and kinship determination project
  5. Complete transcription element for BCG portfolio
There you have it. I have made my goals a bit more specific this year to give some added focus for myself. Of course I have a lot of other projects I want to work on and ideas to pursue. This list is to remind me where I would like the emphasis to be.


  1. You should check out the website Lois created ( She's using a WordPress blog as the base, but I believe Blogger has many of the same functions if you wanted to stick with something you already know. I dipped my toes into building a website a couple of years ago and while I have not had time to do much with it, I've been pretty pleased with the hosting site I used (

  2. This is a good list. It may be difficult to achieve, but what’s the sense of goal setting if it will not challenge us, right? Anyhow, among your goals, website creation is the one that really requires a lot of work. You must consider two important elements in building an effective website: the content and the design. If you can achieve these, there’s no doubt that you’ll get the attention of your target audience.

    Mike @

  3. It's only June when you made this list? Awesome! Well, in business it's always best to have a concrete plan ahead of time, to make sure everything is in order. And creating a website is a major step forward. How is it now?