Monday, July 25, 2011

Amanuensis Monday- A Transcription Challenge For You Dear Reader!

In a previous post for Rachel Luttrell's pension woes, I transcribed a page from her widow's pension file. You can view that post here. In it she gives a description of the declining health of her husband, Hugh L. Luttrell. There are many spelling errors and there was one word I had particular difficulty with. One of my readers suggested I post the page to see if anybody else could figure it out. A great suggestion! So here goes...

 Deposition of Claimant, 30 July 1888, Rachel Luttrell, widow’s pension application  
no. 376,452, certificate no. 329,279; service of Hugh L. Luttrell (1st Lieut. Adj., Co. C,  
8 MO S.M. Cav., Civil War); Case Files of Approved1934; Civil War and Later Pension Files; 
DepartmGroup 15; National Archives, Washington, D.C.     

 The word in question is on the 8th line, "...and caused Consumption and [?]." What do you think it is? 


  1. Did I miss something? Where is the original image?

  2. Ruth, the image should be showing now. Thanks for letting me know of the difficulty!

  3. "... Consumption and those causes [break] wer[e] brough about by Exposure in the [break]Military

  4. "...consumption and HOARSENESS was brought about by..."
    I think the word is hoarseness!

  5. Hhhmmm...if you look at how the other "th" words are formed, it seems to me that the word starts with "th".

  6. Cinamon, you're so right that the word starts with a "th". But the problem word isn't ONE word, but TWO: "thoes [sic] causes".

    I had to see it in the enlarged version by right-clicking the mouse, then clicking again on the + thingy to make it really big and legible.

    For future reference, I love deciphering hand written documents and have gotten rather good at it (she says immodestly while patting herself on the back). ;D

  7. Thank you to Mark, Ruth, and JamaGenie for taking the time to look this over! I believe Mark and JamaGenie are correct. Awesome!!