Friday, July 22, 2011

Rachel Luttrell and Her Widow's Pension Woes-Part 5

On 26 December 1890, J.G. Clayfield a Justice of the Peace in Bourbon County, Kansas wrote the following in a general affidavit:

" She [Rachel Luttrell] furnished a Bible Record Showing 
that she was married to Hugh L. Luttrell 
on the 25th day of August A.D. 1869
Thomas Arthur Luttrell Son of           
H.L and Rachel Luttrell was born
Nov 29th A.D. 1871
John Edwin Luttrell Son of H.L. and
Rachel Luttrell was born Oct 5th A.D. 1873
Sarah Louisa Luttrell Daughter of
H.L. and Rachel Luttrell was born 
Sept 1st A.D. 1875

I Hereby Certify that the above Record 
was Taken from the Family Bible as
shown before me by Mrs. Rachel Luttrell
This 26th day of Dec A.D. 1890
I should say from the appearance of the
Bible and Record that it was genuine"

Wait a minute. A family bible?? I wonder where it is today?


  1. Good luck on finding that Bible. Too often the family bible goes to - or is simply taken by - a descendant who's only interested in possessing it, not sharing the priceless Family Record page(s). Sometimes, though, family bibles are donated to the local or state historical society, and we can only hope that's what happened to Rachel's. Also, there was (still is?) a website whose owner snapped up old family bibles at yard and estate sales and such and then offered to return them to family members who could prove a relationship.

    But I suggest you first contact Luttrell cousins AND step-cousins to see if any of them know who Rachel's went to.

  2. Thanks! I just hope it is not in a landfill somewhere!!