Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Parade In Downtown Franklin

It's been a busy weekend. I photographed the boys for our Christmas cards, created the cards, and ordered them (with my husband of course). We also went to the annual Christmas Parade in Downtown Franklin. The weather worked in our favor this year. It was mild and sunny, which was a treat. The parade is a mix of local high school bands, various cub scout and girl scout packs, historic features, and businesses. It is a fun time and the boys get excited about the candy being thrown by the people in the parade. So I thought I would share some photos with you.

This is the Tennessee state flag.

Some cool cars.

Franklin has a lot of historic features.

Our friend is an EMT for the fire department, so I had to post this.

The grand finale of course was Santa.

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  1. What a great parade. Thanks for sharing. You know, memories like this parade are the things that your boys will blog about when they are adults!