Friday, February 10, 2012

Follow Friday- The Legal Genealogist

A blog that I have really enjoyed reading lately is The Legal Genealogist. Judy Russell was in Tom Jones' class with me at IGHR last June, so it's an added bonus that I know her personally too. Judy has a legal background which gives her blog a special twist. Added to that is Judy's ability to explain legalese to the non-legalese proficient person so that it makes sense. When she it explains it, I get it. If I read legal explanations in a book.... I have to read it several times, and even then I may not get it too well.

Judy has also generously offered to answer genealogy related legal questions for you. The answers so far have been interesting and enlightening. However, one post she wrote recently that got me thinking had nothing to do with legal issues, and was about DNA.

I've been thinking about DNA a lot lately. It just so happens the same week of her DNA posting I watched a dvd called, "The Human Family Tree"produced by National Geographic. It is about their Genographic Project, the human origins in Africa, and the various migration patterns. I found it fascinating as did my non-genealogist husband.

So there you go. Check out Judy's blog and if you can check out the National Geographic dvd.


  1. Just catching up around the web and came across this! Thanks for the kind words... and have you done a DNA test yet?

    1. Judy, I haven't done a DNA test yet. It is on my list of "to do" though. Right now, my goal is to have a good enough understanding of DNA testing, that I can explain it to somebody else effectively. I'm getting there.... I think.