Monday, May 21, 2012

Music Monday-Donna Summer and Robin Gibb

Many people have memories associated with music. A song you heard on your first date, music that your grandparents always played, a song that made you smile, or one that made you cry. Music Monday, is a time to share those memories.

As everybody knows Donna Summer and Robin Gibb passed away recently. These were iconic 70's, disco era artists. Their credits and talent went far beyond their top hits that most remember them for. My memories of Robin Gibb are intertwined with the Bee Gees and the movie "Saturday Night Fever." I remember when this movie came out. Of course I wasn't old enough to see it and wouldn't be for years, but I remember the publicity around it. It was a ground breaking film for John Travolta (see the clip below), and for some reason I associate the song "Night Fever" not only with the movie, but with my mom going out dancing. I always think of the outfits she wore that were so typically 70's. Not that she went out a whole lot or was a big disco dancer/partier.

Now Donna Summer... it was hard to pick just one of her songs. I have so many memories associated with so many of her songs, and they are just fun. Her album, "Bad Girls," was in my limited collection as a kid. I loved it. I'm not sure what happened to that album, but I remember all the songs. It's hard not to listen to her songs and not wiggle... just a little.

RIP Robin and Donna. Thanks for songs and the fun times they created.

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