Wednesday, January 23, 2013

IGHR Registration Roundup

If you were interested in registering for IGHR at Samford, yesterday was the day to do it for the most part. Facebook was full of announcements with who got into what course, and who was waiting for their course of choice to open up for registration.

The course I was most interested in was Course 8: Understanding Land Records. I'm happy to say that I got into it. Originally I had considered a different course, but decided that taking a class that focuses on land only, fits better into my education plan right now. Dealing with land records in Tennessee can be a bit tricky at times. Plus, I like dealing with land. It's concrete. Unlike one's ancestors, land doesn't move... well, usually.

So if you are interested in IGHR, there are 3 courses still open as of this writing. Another opportunity to register for an institute is GRIP on February 7th. Institutes are a great experience. Not only is it a week long in-depth learning experience on one subject, but the camaraderie is wonderful as well. I'm excited for June!

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