Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rachel Luttrell and Her Widow's Pension Woes-Part 2

In the pension file two unexpected clues came from one affidavit given by Mrs. Amanda Schmuck, age 65, on 12 October 1888 in Bourbon County, Kansas.

"... [has known Rachel] perfectly well since the death of her husband Hugh Luttrell and that - she has not-been married since his death[.] That- she has lived all the time since his death in Pawnee Station with the exception of one 4 or 5 month in East Tennessee."

Four or five months in East Tennessee?? Rachel must have gone to Hugh's family to visit for awhile. I'll have to sit down and look through microfilm of the newspapers to see if there is any mention of this visit. If I'm lucky there will be some good information on this family. The other clue was the name Amanda Schmuck, age 65. Rachel's maiden name was Schmuck, however I know nothing about her parents. Could Amanda be her mother? I'm giddy with the possibilities.

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  1. Amazing what shows up when you dig through those files! Fingers crossed this is a breakthrough for you.