Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rachel Luttrell and Her Widow's Pension Woes-Part 4

The following affidavit gave some delightful information about my gg grandmother Sarah "Sallie" Luttrell. It was given by GC Chaney MD, age 45, in Independence, Montgomery County, Kansas.

"...he is a regular practicing physician and has been for the last twenty years, that he was well acquainted with the above named soldier and his wife from the 1872 to the year 1882, that he was the attending physician at the time of the birth of their daughter Sallie, that she was born near Osceola St. Clair County MO, September the 1st 1875. Also states that Rachel Luttrell, (this Claiment) is the lawful widow of the above named Hugh L. Luttrell."

Now how cool is it that I know the doctor that delivered my gg grandmother?!

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  1. I always love finding such tidbits about long-dead ancestors. Knowing these things makes them more human somehow. Thanks for sharing!