Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SLIG Blogging Contest!

What is SLIG? It stands for Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. It is a wonderful educational genealogy institute. Think along the lines of Samford but in Salt Lake. Twelve different courses are offered, some of which are already sold out. They are taught by some of the leading genealogist and experts in the field. It's very exciting and I would love to go. It's basically winter camp for genealogist.

I have never attended SLIG, and am somewhat envious that two of my ProGen classmates are going. Looking at the list of courses offered it is hard to narrow down a choice to one. I have a lot of ancestors who settled and migrated in the Midwest so Course 5: Research in the Midwestern United States is appealing. If you have a brick wall or you are having a particularly tough time with an aspect of your research, then Course 12: Problem Solving could be for you. After much deliberation the course I would pick is, Course 8: Beyond the Library: Using Original Source Repositories. It is the one that best fits in my education plan right now, is taught by a wonderful instructor (John Colletta), and this is the class that would help me the most with my research right now.

The dates for SLIG are January 23-27 2012 in Salt City Utah. Along with the day session are many evening sessions being offered by many of the instructors who are teaching the courses. Most of the evening sessions cost $10.00, which is a pretty good deal. Included in the registration price is a breakfast on Monday morning and an award banquet dinner on Friday night. Vendor lunches are also available but are not included in the registration price and cost extra.

Part of the contest requirements was to include this link www.slig.ugagenealogy.org when referring to the SLIG website, but I haven't been able to get it to work. So instead I've included a direct link to the highlighted phrases above. Anyway, if you are looking for a good genealogy education experience this is sure to be a good one!

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