Friday, January 13, 2012

Follow Friday- What's Past Is Prologue

I would rate myself as average or below when it comes to the amount of television that I watch. There are a few shows that I enjoy and make a point of catching, one of them being ABC's Castle. Donna at What's Past is Prologue did a very interesting comparison between the show Castle and genealogy research.

In the show the detectives use a murder board to highlight and focus on the victim, suspects, and any other persons of interest. Donna points out how this concept can be useful to your research as a genealogist. I would agree. I'm a visual person and in the past have used timelines, but I like the idea of expanding upon that. Until your research is arranged in an ancestor board (a.k.a murder board) or timeline you may not spot what you have overlooked. Sometimes a visual organization can point out a gaping hole in your research or give you an idea of some records to look into.

Anyway, Donna goes into a lot of detail in her blog post and I found it very entertaining. Meanwhile, I wonder what my husband would think if I turned a wall of our office into an ancestor board?


  1. I loved reading Donna's post (mainly because Castle is one of my favorite shows) ... but she makes a very good parallel.

    As far as your husband ... easier to ask forgiveness than permission, I always say :)