Friday, July 24, 2015

Giirrrllll....Where You Been??

It has been quite some time since I blogged. What can I say? Life happened, I got a little overwhelmed, and blogging just didn't make it onto my list of things to get done. In fact, I have quite a healthy list of phone calls to return and emails to respond to. My life went through a domestic reorganization. Kind of like a corporate reorganization. People got let go, positions and responsibilities shuffled around, all in an effort to make the company or in this case life more harmonizing. It's been super hectic and crazy, but I think all of us are coming out the better for it. Well, at least I am. I guess I can only speak for myself really.

At any rate, I'm still around. I'm still keeping up with the world of genealogy. Still trying to figure out my Gunter line. I have to do some serious FAN work in Iowa with them I suspect, along with Missouri. I've expanded other lines and found a few surprises, mostly good but some sad as well. I've also received my master's degree in education with a reading specialty and administrative licensure. I am now the most educated descendant of both my parents that I'm aware of. I'm proud to have those bragging rights, especially with my boys. Maybe some day they will look back on it and realize the enormity of it or maybe some future descendant will, and it will give them strength or courage.

Currently on my genealogy list of things going on are volunteer indexing for the Patriot Records Project, co-chair of the Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society's annual seminar in November featuring Elizabeth Shown Mills as this year's speaker, attempting to get my boys into CAR, continuing to research when I can, blog occasionally, and watching "Who Do You Think You Are?" starting this coming Sunday, July 26th 2015.

So I'm still busy. Just hoping to connect with y'all a little more frequently.