Surnames I'm Researching

The following is a list of surnames I research. Some of these names I've researched extensively and some are newer to the list. Either way, if we share a common surname I'd love to chat with you. In parenthesis are the places I've tracked my ancestor, most recent (left) to farther back (going right).

Alderson (CO, MO, AR, TN, KY)                           Schanbacher (NY, Germany)
Beard (MO)                                                               Schmuck (CO, MO, OH)
Berryman (MO, KY, VA)                                         Spears/Speers (KY, VA)
Bevins (MO)                                                              Talley (TN)
Biggers (TN)                                                              Whitsett (TN, NC)
Brumbaugh (CO, PA)                                                Witt (TN, VA)
Carmon (PA)                                                              Witthaus (NY, Germany)
Churchwell (VA)                                                        Woolridge/Wooldridge (TN)
Collins (TN)
Cox (AR)
DeCiutis (NY)
DePriest (KY)
Egyed (CA, IL, Hungary/Czech)
Fry/Frye/Frey (CO, MO, KY, VA, PA)
Gilliam (TN)
Gleghorn (TN, NC)
Gore (TN)
Greene (PA)
Gunter (CA, CO, MO/IA, NC)
Hall (MO, KY)
Jobe/Job (TN)
Kirby (AR, AL, TN)
Kidd (TN, NC)
Kirchner (NY)
Luna (TN)
Luttrell (CA, CO, KS, MO, TN, VA)
McNeil (TN, VA)
Marsh (TN)
Murdock (TN)
Murphy (TN)
Risenhoover/Reasonover (AR)

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