Tuesday, June 14, 2011

IGHR-Day 2

This morning in class we got right down to business with a review/discussion on the citation homework. I am happy to say that I did okay, which makes me pleased. The rest of the morning and a portion of the afternoon Tom gave lectures on Creating Prose, Analytical Writing and Editing Yourself. Some of this brought back memories of high school English and sentence diagrams. I suppose it sounds rather dry and possibly boring. However, technical writing is, well...technical. It doesn't include flowery prose that is poetic.

By the afternoon break I think we were all a bit cross eyed. Fortunately, John Colletta was our next speaker. His lecture was Turning Biographical Facts Into Real Life Events: How to Build Historical Context. John is a theatrical presenter and injects a lot of humor into his talks. I've always heard glowing reviews of his lectures and I agree that if you have the opportunity to see him, go!

I didn't attend the evening lectures tonight. Instead I went to the library and did some research on my Kirby line. I didn't have much success. Argh. So it was back to the dorm to work on my homework. Tonight's assignment was to edit a 500 word piece of my own writing. I started out with 524 words (sshh...don't tell) and managed to get it down to 278 words. I hope it still makes sense and isn't completely awful. I'll find out tomorrow.

With my remaining time tonight, I'll try to get a jump on tomorrow night's homework. It looks long, complicated, and I've already heard horror stories about this assignment. Then I will set my alarm for 6:15 a.m. and try to get some sleep.

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