Friday, June 17, 2011

IGHR-Day 5

Today was the last day of Samford and it was bitter sweet. Being around so many like minded people is thrilling. However, I don't think I could have kept up this pace of intensity for much longer.

Our first session today was with Craig R. Scott, President and CEO of Heritage Books. Craig is one of the leading publishers of genealogical literature. He presented A Strategy for Marketing Your Self-Published Materials. It was very interesting to hear Craig discuss the business aspect of writing and getting your product out there.

Our last two sessions were with Tom Jones, who presented Aesthetics of Writing. This lecture dealt with the layout of a page and how to make it visually appealing to the reader. He also covered the various rules of layout structure on a page. Then it was time for our certificates of completion. It was a proud moment for all of us, filled with a sense of accomplishment.

I am still in awe and somewhat humbled by my fellow classmates. Our class consisted of a Jean Thomason Scholarship award winner, 3 people who received awards from Elizabeth Shown Mills last night for their achievement in her class last year, editors, published NGSQ writers, and others who have numerous achievements. To be in their presence was inspiring and educational. I look forward to seeing them again next year.

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  1. Wow, you're actually going to put yourself through that again? Amazing. Your excitement and wonder come through in your writing. Your hard work is obvious. Well done.
    Until recently, I didn't even know that any of this existed. I thought I was pretty much on my own. Thank you for this journal. I've learned a lot and I have much more research to do. Thanks for the tips.