Sunday, September 25, 2011

In Which Genealogists, Dancing With the Stars, and Samford All Come Together

So I woke up this morning fresh from a dream of being at Samford and socializing with genealogists. Sounds great right? Well, not so much. There was a group of genealogists standing around a girl proclaiming, "We have to figure out this girl's parents!" and another group of genealogists were practicing for Dancing With the Stars in the cafeteria. Now if you've ever seen the show and the costumes the dancers wear, this could lend itself to a rather disturbing visual. In fact it was what woke me up. I'm not sure what Freud would make of it all, and come to think on it I'm not sure I would want to know.

At any rate, I think it comes down to all of my thoughts from the evening being played out in my dream. My husband and I went out for dinner last night (sans children, yay!) and I was discussing with him what my goals are for genealogy. I'm in the ProGen study group and our assignment this month was to write a business plan for our genealogy business. So I was bouncing some ideas off my hubby, with one of them being how I want to attend Samford again in June and when I plan on starting the clock for BCG certification. Okay, so this accounts for Samford in the dream.

My mother-in-law came over to watch the kids and before we left I was talking genealogy with her. She has an Italian side to the family that is very confusing. They came to America with one name and then changed it once they were here. To top it off, there seems to be some confusion on how any of those names are spelled (argh!). Needless to say I haven't gotten very far with that side. So I believe this would account for the girl in my dream surrounded by the group of genealogists.

Finally, I was thinking last night about the NGS conference next May in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm not sure I'll get to go to that one. However, the NGS conference in 2013 I believe is going to be in Las Vegas. For some reason (every time) I can't help but think, "Genealogists gone wild!" This thought coupled with a brief conversation over dessert about Dancing With the Stars accounts for the dancing genealogists in the Samford cafeteria.

Wacky right?? I can only hope my dreams will be a little less active tonight.


  1. Certainly not whacky! I think about this kind of stuff while awake! Maybe if I started thinking about my certification portfolio like Dancing With The Stars, I'd be able to complete it! LOL

  2. Grinning! It is quite the visual image! I'm always grateful I only remember a few dreams because they're equally bizarre. The one with the talking statue of Charles de Gaulle will not go away.