Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Civil War Letters At TSLA

The Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA) recently acquired digital copies of letters written by two white officers of the 16th U.S. Colored Infantry. The two officers were the Wadsworth Brothers, who had attended Oberlin College, and then left to join the Union Army. This particular unit that they were a part of was stationed in Clarksville, Tennessee from 1863 to 1865.

This is an exciting acquisition for TSLA and for researchers. I have not personally seen these letters, but usually letters give insight into an individual's thoughts and opinions. Letters, diaries, journals, and some newspaper accounts allow a researcher to add valuable texture to a life story, that cannot be found in  typical government issued documents.

The collection is titled "Brother Charles: Letters Home to Michigan." If you would like to read a local article, you can read it here.

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