Friday, August 19, 2011

Follow Friday- Are You My Cousin?

There are a number of blogs I enjoy reading for various reasons. Some are just pure entertainment, some educational, some have really good stories, and then others are thought provoking.

This week Lisa's blog Are You My Cousin? had two topics that got me thinking. First, Lisa is having a Postcard Bonanza on August 31st. I collected postcards as a kid and still add to it from time to time. I love looking at old postcards, and in the past Lisa has posted some really nice ones.

The topic Lisa blogged about today was how distracting genealogy can be. There have been a couple of times things have gotten burned, because I had a sudden thought related to genealogy and had to jump onto the internet. Or a few times I've been thinking through a particularly tough ancestor, that I didn't hear what my husband was saying to me.

Mostly the genealogy distraction gets me through my workouts. I went for a 3 mile run today. It was more challenging than usual, as I underestimated the heat and humidity outside. So I thought about my research and what needed to be done. I made a mental "to do" list. It's long. I also thought about the blogs I want to write and BCG certification. At some point I realized I needed to write down this "to do" list and then the run was over.

So as Lisa posed, "Genealogy might be to blame for..." What is your answer?

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Cinamon! I use genealogy as my "distraction" when I run as well.