Saturday, September 3, 2011

Are You Tech-Savvy Or Tech-Challenged?

Sadly I'm firmly entrenched in the tech-challenged category. I try very hard to be tech-savvy and just when I think I'm making progress, I'm reminded I'm not (sigh). I took my Mac to the Apple store yesterday for maintenance and asked about the Lion upgrade. I was told I need a Leopard before I can get a Lion. Huh? So I asked why and the guy explained it--twice. Each time my brain glazed over at about the same point and I missed the explanation. I think it has something to do with interfacing better (do I even know what that means??).

So what does this have to do with genealogy you may be wondering? Well, I think I can safely say that very few genealogists don't work on a computer. I'm always reading blogs, articles, links, or postings about the latest genealogy software, webinars, that Footnote is now Fold 3, and the various other online repositories. Then there are the social sites. I still don't understand Google + or Second Life, I've tried--it's not going very well.

Fortunately, there are some good resources (on the internet) to help me. Legacy Family Tree has a CD of  a webinar about Google + presented by Paul Allen, Dan Lynch, and Mark Olsen. Dear Myrtle has a good blog on how to figure out Second Life. Apparently, there are quite a few groups for a genealogist to attend in Second Life. Then of course, there are various bloggers who write about technology and how to keep up with it.

I've also been looking at RootsTech, a technology conference for genealogists. The next RootsTech conference will be held in Salt Lake City on February 2-4. Last year's conference was a big success. I'm seriously considering going to it. Meanwhile, I'll be watching a few webinars trying to figure out
Google +, Second Life, and how to add a few bells and whistles to my blog. I may have to watch them a couple of times.


  1. Luv your blog! You have a great blog and I love your writing style!! : ) Terrific template too! And I know what you mean!! I just wish I could afford all the cool electronic gadgets out now that everyone uses for genealogy. I would love to have a Flip Pal. I wish I could attend the conferences and webinars all the genealogists talk about. I would learn so much and not be so bloody and bruised from all my brickwalls!! LOL I am a disabled Veteran and live on a very limited, strict income. I know I could accomplish so much more in my genealogy research, if I could have these advantages! But that's OK! : ) I will just keep plugging along. I am so thankful for the internet. I know that it's said only 1% of genealogy information is on the internet. I am very thankful to have the tools that I do have that are available for me to use. : ) But sometimes I do feel like I'm not one of the "cool kids". LOL You have a great blog and I love your writing style!! : )

  2. Cinamon - I am also among those who are severely tech-challenged. I amazed myself that I am able to blog, however I struggle with using MS Word or the even newer Starter that comes pre-installed on new computers. At this very moment I had to "step away" from the darn thing before I threw it our the window"!

  3. Thanks Jeni! I too, would love to have a Flip Pal. It's a cool toy/gadget.

  4. Sheri- I feel your pain. There are many times that I fight that urge to throw the computer out the window! That usually means a chocolate break for me. ;-)