Monday, August 22, 2011

Rachel Luttrell and Her Widow's Pension Woes-Part 8

Rachel would finally receive her pension after numerous affidavits, and years of convincing the government. The affidavits would state that Rachel was indeed Hugh L. Luttrell's wife, that the surviving minor children she had were his as well, that neither had been married before, and that his illness was a result of participating in the Civil War. I would imagine she felt somewhat relieved for many reasons. The ordeal was over, she could support herself and her children a little easier.

Eventually Rachel would remarry, and lucky for me, the certificate is in the pension file. Why would this be in the pension file you may wonder? Well, Rachel still had a child, James Creed Luttrell, who was a minor when she remarried. James was still entitled to receive his minor's pension until he came of age on 17 May 1897. As a result, Rachel had to deal with just a little more red tape, although it wouldn't be nearly as difficult as the first time around.

Deposition of Claimant, 30 July 1888, Rachel Luttrell, widow’s pension application no. 376,452, certificate no. 329,279; service of Hugh L. Luttrell (1st Lieut. Adj., Co. C, 8 MO S.M. Cav., Civil War); Case Files of Approved Pension Applications…, 1861-1934; Civil War and Later Pension Files; Department of Veterans Affairs, Record Group 15; National Archives, Washington, D.C.  A copy of Jones-Luttrell marriage certificate.

Rachel Luttrell would marry Lewis W. Jones in Vineland, Pueblo County, Colorado on 19 February 1893. Census records show they would eventually move to San Luis Obispo, California, as would her children. Rachel Luttrell Jones died on 14 August 1912. I like to think the rest of her life was a little easier and filled with much joy and happiness. I hope it was.


  1. I love reading about this woman - just makes you appreciate what we have now doesn't it?

  2. Yes, it really does make you appreciate many different things about life in present times.